Spark and Hustle National Tour

September 24, 2010

No this is not my usual ‘go virtual’ post. It is, however a post directed to every woman out there who has EVER wanted to be her own boss – to control her own destiny – to live life by her own rules. One day I will tell you the story of how I became a virtual paralegal; today, however, I want to share an opportunity with you to realize your dreams of professional independence.

It isn’t everyday that you have the opportunity to connect with 200+ amazing women entrepreneurs, but that is exactly what happened when I attended Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle 2010 (#Hustle2010) 3-day conference in Atlanta in July.

The tag line was ‘turn your passion into profit’. If anything, I am passionate about the services that StarrParalegals provides to attorneys, and I’d be a fool not to want my company to be profitable. I signed up on a lark and quickly realized that many of the local business women that I not only respect, but also consider friends, were attending and presenting at the event … local ‘eyebrow guru’ and true Authentic Beauty, Alyson Steiniger Howard-Hoag; social networking strategist and creator of Women Intelligently Networking (WIN), Taryn Pisaneschi; and our very own Broke Socialite, Shameeka Shy Ayers.

It was a business changing event … I saw myself and my business through 200+ new sets of eyes; I walked away with tangible, practical, workable solutions and ideas to grow my business … for instance, this blog. AND I made amazing friends and connections – even creating an accountability system for me and my company.

The event provided the spark that I needed to really make my company grow – in fact, August 2010 was my best month EVER!! I was revitalized and I had created a fabulous new, extended support network to help me achieve my true potential.

Tory and her team were not only amazing, but they were accessible, real people. Tory’s story resonated with everyone in the room – the economy has affected far too many careers and left many of us wondering how we will make it going forward. This was not, as Tory says in her literature, “another rah-rah, feel good networking opportunity … every minute of her events are hyper-focused on driving YOUR small business success.”

Take a moment, go to the Spark & Hustle Tour site, check out the comments on Tory’s Facebook page, and join us for one of the many events scheduled for the upcoming National Tour. Sign up before the end of September for an additional discount – be sure to let them know that I sent you so you’ll get the extra special Starr treatment that you deserve.

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