Wise Counsel, Courtesy of Ashton Kutcher

August 23, 2013

Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the 2013 TeenChoice Awards made us all stop and listen. His sage advice is appropriate for everyone – not only today’s teens.

This business owner/graduate student/ … oh heck, just read the banner at the top of the page … was wowed by his words. If you haven’t seen the video, watch it; if you have, watch it again. His message is quite powerful.

Go already! Build a life, don’t just live one ..


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August 21, 2013

SMH … (deep breath)

<rant on re: grad school>

I withdrew from a core class in Fall 2012 because my instructor and I had a fundamental disagreement regarding the concept of peer review. The primary assignment for that course was an ongoing project (create an Instructional Design Plan) that was submitted each week to a classmate for peer review. Once reviewed, the assignment was submitted for grading.

Fall semester, Week 1: Create a ‘goal statement’. Each subsequent assignment will build upon that statement.

I should clarify that I have struggled with the vernacular of Training & Development, so this class was quite a challenge. By the fourth week, my frustration was palpable and I vented … Oy! did I vent! My friend Kathryn Zaccari Kolencik offered to help. Imagine my surprise to find that Kathryn and I were pursuing the same degree at different universities AND that we were enrolled in essentially the same class, following the same syllabus and using the same text! Kathryn helped me to rewrite my goal statement and clarified several subsequent assignments.

Spring 2013 – I re-registered for the class in and confirmed that I would be allowed to use the same project from my previous attempt. Same process – complete an assignment, submit it for peer review, revise as necessary, and submit for a grade. I presented the same goal statement and received the following comment from my instructor:

“Nice work! You’ve laid a solid foundation for your IDP.”

Alrighty then … moving along. I continue to receive positive feedback from my classmates and instructor. At no point does anyone suggest that the goal statement needs to be rewritten. (more…)

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UPDATE-The non-paying client…

August 1, 2013

Oh, I can’t believe I left y’all hanging. Can you ever forgive me??

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Where were we? Ah yes, it was June 28th and I was still a bit miffed over the (now-former) client’s snarky emails on the 27th:

  • they ‘obtained expedited approval to pay the invoice even though the banking arrangements with the new fund were still being finalized’;
  • they refused to acknowledge or pay the contractual late charges; AND
  • if I wasn’t happy with that arrangement, they would stop payment on the check. (more…)
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