The saga of the non-paying client…

June 28, 2013

or, ‘Never do business with pond scum’

In April, I was in Houston … Mommie was having surgery and I wanted to be there for her. So, I took my happy little laptop office with me and set up shop.

On Friday evening, April 19th, my company received a call from an NYC based ‘investment’ company on Wall Street – they had a very large, high-priority weekend project and wanted our assistance. I vetted the company while we were on the phone – my fingers furiously typing for as much information as I could glean in addition to the conversation.

I advised the ‘soon to be’ client that we will have to charge our rush fee rate; they accepted our terms and I sent them a contract.

* Client requested Net 30 instead of our usual Net 15.
* My team busted their collective tushies to meet the deadline – despite the fact that PACER was down for system-wide maintenance that weekend. (more…)

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ah, the life of a 21st century freelance paralegal …

June 12, 2013

Scenario the First:

I ‘done told’ my attorney client that he needed to update his forms or his next filing would be cited for deficiencies. There is only so much I can do when I am presented with a ‘finished’ product and told to ‘file immediately – time is of the essence!’ Now, 3 days later, the court has threatened dismissal for failure to use the current forms … duh!!

Scenario the Second:

Attorney client sends new work request … as a reply to an email from 3 months ago about our ‘Spring Schedule’. Srsly?!? The subject line read “Re: StarrParalegals Spring Schedule”, so naturally I figured, ‘ooh, goody, new project!’ NOT! It’s a good thing that I skim the content of my emails before filing/deleting them. (more…)

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