So long, and thanks for all the fish …

November 5, 2010

Jones Day, in its continuing and infinite wisdom, has once again proven just how little respect it has for the cogs in the machine. As you recall, in June, the Firm decided to let an unspecified number of legal staff go because their jobs could be done by the attorneys using ‘voice mail, e-mail, iPhones and other electronic devices.’

As a former BigLaw employee, that news made me cringe. Now the ABA Journal and Above the Law are reporting that a new insult has been levied against the very people that make the attorneys look good. Both sources cite an internal memo from administrative partner Hugh Whiting in which he thanks the staff for all their efforts on behalf of the Firm, announces that year-end bonuses will not be made to staff in December this year and that the program is being discontinued.

Additionally he writes, “As is the case with our lawyers, we think the firm is best-served when compensation for all employees is based on performance and contributions to the firm.” (more…)


Using LinkedIn to Market Your Services to Attorneys & Law Firms

November 3, 2010

On October 21, I attended the Case for Social Media Conference in DC and, of the many wonderful speakers, the message that resonated most with me as a small business owner was provided by Larry Bodine in his discussion about using LinkedIn for business development.

We find ourselves in a world that embraces social media and the subsequent instant connections to hundreds, if not thousands, of people we do not really know in an effort to build our businesses and grow our networks. There was a time – no, really, there was – when building your network met meeting people face-to-face rather than receiving an invitation through a social or business networking site.

Larry emphasized that “there is no substitution for meeting people in real life” and “all business comes in through in-person relationships.” But, wait, he is supposed to be singing the praises of LinkedIn and social media … (more…)

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