UPDATE-The non-paying client…

August 1, 2013

Oh, I can’t believe I left y’all hanging. Can you ever forgive me??

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Where were we? Ah yes, it was June 28th and I was still a bit miffed over the (now-former) client’s snarky emails on the 27th:

  • they ‘obtained expedited approval to pay the invoice even though the banking arrangements with the new fund were still being finalized’;
  • they refused to acknowledge or pay the contractual late charges; AND
  • if I wasn’t happy with that arrangement, they would stop payment on the check.

One of ‘my’ Solosez attorneys offered to go after them if they failed to pay or stopped payment. In the meantime, I checked the mail every day. As promised, the funds were delivered on 7/2. I scanned the check and made a beeline to the bank.

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