…Oh HELL No!!

July 19, 2012

… on the heels of yet another unwarranted attack on Israelis & Jews, I have found myself ‘targeted’ – allow me to share what happened TO ME last night…

I received a most disturbing call originating in San Diego. The woman, who spoke with a very thick, possibly Hispanic, accent, asked to speak with ‘Mrs. Pamela Starr’ (first red flag, I’m not now, nor ever have been married) about some important information. I asked who was calling and why; she did not identify herself, but continued, from what was obviously a script, by saying that she was calling “for Tom Cantor, an individual” and that they were calling to confirm that they had “reached a Jewish household”.

The alarm klaxons started roaring!

I took a deep breath and calmly asked how she had gotten my number. She repeated the script about Mr. Cantor and calling to verify that it was a Jewish home and that they had a free DVD they wanted to send me. I again asked for clarification, were they randomly calling people to determine whether they were Jewish?? She said’ they were going through the yellow pages and white pages’ … again, I asked, “so you want me to believe that you are calling everyone in Atlanta to see if they are Jewish? Seriously? How would you feel if you got a call out of the blue from a complete stranger asking you to identify yourself as a member of a minority that is often targeted for hate crimes?” She stuttered a bit and went back to her script.

I asked for information about the company – oh, “no, we’re not a company, just Mr. Tom Cantor, an individual, who wants to share an important hour & a half DVD with the Jewish people”. So, I ask, with whom is Mr. Cantor affiliated? … The Israel Restoration Ministries. I refused to identify myself to the caller as Jewish, emphatically declined their invitation and respectfully requested that I be taken off their list.

This is, pardon the expression, f***ing scary stuff. Starr is not a typical Jewish name and I am NOT about to start hiding who I am or in what I believe, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow some Messianic ministry harass me or my people …

damn, my hands are actually shaking as I type this –

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