Why I Blog

November 8, 2012

When I first started blogging as ‘Sessions with a Starr,’ I had envisioned a blog that was ‘dedicated to dragging lawyers and paralegals out of their brick & mortar offices and into the cloud.’ The tone of that blog was meant to be uber- conservative, a ‘proper’ extension of my business personality.

I planned to post important legal ‘stuff’ like upcoming changes to the Federal Rules or the Bankruptcy Code, or significant court closing dates – the sorts of things that my clients, prospective clients, and peers would need to know in order to keep their businesses running smoothly.  My goal was to share my BigLaw and solopreneur experiences as a paralegal – to educate the legal community about the proper role of a paralegal in the practice of law and how that role was evolving as a result of technology.

Each post (‘session’ … remember, the blog was called Sessions with a Starr) would provide a snippet of important or valuable information, share a helpful link, or present a newsworthy topic – ultimately, I hoped for comments and conversation, maybe even a little controversy.

In the beginning* … (yes, please take a moment and click on my earliest posts – that’s right, over there, on the right of the screen, August 2010) I did not cite important changes to the law or court holidays, no siree Bob, I jumped right up on my soap box and let the world know exactly how I felt about outsourcing legal jobs to India and the layoffs of my peers in favor of tech-savvy attorneys.

It was obvious that my blogging voice was, shall we say, unconventional, and not at all in keeping with the original tone of my blog. So, on the suggestion of a friend, I completely revamped the blog and created my alter ego, Pamela the Paralegal (“PtP”). As PtP, I can be engaging and witty, yet still impart my wisdom on topics like bankruptcy, the Federal court system, e-filing, the trials and tribulations of working virtually, my frustration with AT&T, and being a graduate student – twice over.

Sometimes the ‘lessons’ in my blog are subtle, others are ‘in your face’ rants; whatever the message, I always hope that they encourage conversation and discussion; if not with me, then with others.


*Or as my Hebrew school 5th graders will tell you, Bereshit … the very first word of the Torah. Look at that, I taught some of you something new 😉

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