It’s Almost Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I should be wrapping up the short work week and starting the challah, but I’m not. Since last week, I have been glued to Facebook and Twitter – reading and forwarding posts about the continuing terrorism in Israel.

I refuse to watch mainstream news because the reporting is skewed and often wrong. Seriously, we are living in a world of instant  information – Israelis are recording bombing strikes on their smart phones and posting them immediately to be viewed by the world, yet the ‘news’ keeps getting it wrong. So many so-called news sites using re-purposed and Photoshopped images to villainize Israel – photos that originally depicted atrocities perpetrated by Israel’s enemies against Israel and others, now claiming to be images of “crimes by Israel against Gaza/the Palestinians.”

This morning, I woke to the news of a bus bombing in Tel Aviv – no one should ever wake the the news of a bus bombing. Let me repeat … NO ONE!!

In the midst of all of this, I am trying to remind myself to be in the moment – to remember the meaning of the holiday. So, here it goes …

I am grateful for many things – my mom, my extended family, my friends – near, far and virtual, my health, my clients, my adorable kitties (Sulu & Uhura), my home, Torah; all the freedoms I enjoy – too many of which that I take for granted; that I live in place of relative safety.

I am thankful too for medinat Yisroel and its brave citizens – of ALL backgrounds, religions, colors, creeds, nationalities; the IAF and IDF; the littlest soldiers – the children who are resilient enough to smile through their fears and who still see the good in everyone.

May HaShem continue to guard and bless the people of Israel. Am Yisroel Chai! May there be peace SOON and forever. May we ALL be surrounded by our family and friends and know health, happiness, safety, abundance, laughter, love, courage, and freedom. V’nomar omayn.

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