LegalTypist Talks About #ABATechShow 2013

April 9, 2013

Through the eyes of my BVFF, Andrea Cannavina – @LegalTypist

#ABATECHSHOW Wrap Up – Part 1: The People

I go to ABA TechShow in Chicago every year for the people. Period.  I always have. As a virtual assistant, I spend most of my time doing my job very well – but alone.

Being alone so much, in fact, is what prompted me to take two steps outside my comfort zone … well one HUGE leap outside; and one tiny one.  The tiny step was to find, join and participate in the list serv maintained by the American Bar Association’s GP/Solo Section known as Solosez.  This list is open to the public, but is mostly monitored by those with some tie to the legal profession – and covers every possible topic imaginable – discussions range from the care of cast iron to practical questions when running a law office.

It was through Solosez – and specifically my wish to meet fellow sezzers Ben Schorr, Deb Matthews, Carolyn Elefant and Gina Bonjovi in real life, that I forced myself WAY outside my comfort zone: I flew, alone, to a strange city to attend TechShow. The year was 2009 and I have attended every TechShow since.  Not only have I attended every show, in each subsequent year I have brought along 10-40 people with me (through my SuperPass groups); and this year I added becoming a part of the faculty – which entailed 2 presentations, manning the concierge booth and co-hosting a Taste of TechShow dinner – added to my annual meet up – all in under 3 days (and foolishly how I thought I’d get out to tour the close by museum!!)

How did the whirlwind that is TechShow go this year?

Click here to find out …

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