Ugh! LinkedIn Endorsements

May 1, 2013

Re: Skills Endorsements

Dear LinkedIn and Fellow Networkers:

While I appreciate the gesture, please stop recommending me for skills I do not have. It is a waste of my time and yours. We have each carefully crafted our LI profiles to accurately reflect our skill sets – why would we want to pollute them with recommendations for skills we do not posses and services we do not offer?

There is nothing in my profile to suggest that I possess/utilize the following skills: Family Law, Personal Injury, Mediation, Trusts, Criminal Law, Corporate Governance, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution, and Legal Advice.

There are repeat offenders, people who are more than members of my LI network – folks who actually know me and/or have worked with me. I have a client (remember, my clients are attorneys) who endorsed me for ‘Legal Advice’. For the love of Pete – I’m a PARALEGAL – Legal Advice?!?! Really?? Do you people want me to lose my livelihood?

STARRParalegals, LLC is not a law firm, nor are we attorneys. We do not provide advice to any individual as to their legal rights, remedies, or obligations under the laws of the United States of America.

Apparently, I need to add my disclaimer to my LI profile – oh, no, that would just be more fodder for their bots to mine.

This morning I rejected endorsements for Depositions, Trademarks, Patent Litigation, Employment Law, Tax Law, Consumer Law, Legal Compliance, International Law, and, once again, Legal Advice. UGH!

Okay, fine, sometime last century, and for a very limited time, I worked for an employment law firm and a rather prestigious IP firm. My profile does not, however, mention depositions, or many of the other ‘skills’ for which the LI algorithm deems me worthy.

Oof! Surely there is a way to turn off the endorsement ‘feature’!!

Seriously, if you don’t know me or have a clue about what I do or the services I provide, please don’t mindlessly click on skills to add to my profile. I promise, I’ll be equally conscientious when I consider endorsing each of you.

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