Training my Prof.

July 3, 2013

Recent homework assignment: Develop an Organization Development Intervention – Identify a problem and design a training solution.

Okie dokie! I have this!!

Problem: “Law school fails to prepare attorneys for the practical application of the law in daily practice.”

Prof’s response: “That’s a pretty generalizing statement, wouldn’t you think?”

My defense: “I disagree. I have been a paralegal for 30 years and I know from experience that lawyers do not learn how to practice law. For instance, I have had newbies hand me 30 pages of prose with the expectation that the document is fit for filing with the court; or, better yet, not even knowing how to contact the court clerk.”

Vindication: Today’s article, ‘ABA recognizes need for practical training for lawyers’ – link forwarded to Prof.

Prof’s response: “Thanks for sharing this. It sheds a lot of light in your intervention proposal.” (Duh?!?!?)



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