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November 5, 2013

My phone rang (okay, the ringer was off…) during one of the #NCBJ13 conference sessions last week. The number came up as “Withheld” and was promptly sent to voice mail. At the next break I listened to the message and returned the call.

It went something like this:

Me: This is Pamela Starr of StarrParalegals returning your call; how may I help you?

Caller: Yes ma’am, thank you for retuning my call. I know you’re not an attorney, but I have a question …

Me:  sir … sir …

Caller: … you see, I think I need to file bankruptcy but I don’t know if I should or if I should just wait and take my chances.

Me: Sir, that’s right. I’m a paralegal – not an attorney – I can’t give legal advice. Your situation would require me to provide legal advice –

Caller: Um, okay then, Well how much would you charge me to file my bankruptcy?

Me: Sir, my company only works with lawyers. We do not provide services directly to the general public.

Caller: <grumble> WELL! <insert a sh*tload of righteous indignation> That’s NOT what your website says!!

Me: Actually sir, that’s EXACTLY what our website says.


… for an added chuckle, the session was titled: “I Can’t Afford to be Bankrupt: Is There Equal Access to Justice Under the Bankruptcy Code?”

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