Say My Name …

January 13, 2014

Why is it so difficult to understand when I say, ‘I prefer Pamela to Pam.’ or “It’s Pamela, not Pam.” that what I mean is call me Pamela?

Is it a language barrier?

I was on a conference call yesterday – there was a computer prompt to introduce myself. I said “Pamela Starr”. I was added to the call and the moderator said, “Hi, Pam. Welcome.”


Me:        “Um, hi; it’s actually ‘Pamela’.”

Moderator:        “Okay, thanks Pamela.”

The conversation went back and forth; each speaker saying their name before commenting so we’d know who was speaking; when I had something to add, I’d say, “This is Pamela.”

Inevitably a response would be addressed to “Pam”.  Again, I’d gently remind the group, “It really is ‘Pamela’.” or something similar.

I corrected the collective on 3 different occasions during a call that lasted less than an hour. Each time I was met with an acknowledgment (I’m sure someone – other than me – was groaning silently in response).

Today I sent an email to the group – it was signed ‘Pamela’.

So that’s 4 verbal reminders yesterday and a visual reminder today.

You’d think it would have sunk in. NOPE!

I received an email response: “Good stuff!  Thanks so much, Pam.”


I counted to 10. Should I reply all or just the offender? I wrote and rewrote a reply.

“Folks, seriously, I said it several times during the call yesterday – it’s Pamela, not Pam.”

My mouse hovered over the send button …

I counted to 10 again.

REPLY ALL. Off into the ether flew my message.

Resistance is futile! I will continue to insist that I be properly addressed by my given name.

In case you missed it, it’s Pamela, not Pam. 🙂

2 Responses to “Say My Name …”

  1. Lyman Hopper

    Hi PAMELA! I remember meeting you last year at the NFPA Convention and said something like “nice to meet you Pam ” after we were introduced. You politely corrected me ( as did others nearby)and I believe to this day I have called and written “Pamela” and if not, I apologize.

    Have a great day with hopes of being addressed as Pamela the entire day!


  2. Pamela J Starr

    It’s wonderful to see you here Lyman. You’re in the clear! Hope to see you at NFPA in Dallas this October.