Worldwide Simultaneous Shema ~ One Voice

August 25, 2014

With everything happening in Israel, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Some people got together on Facebook and created an ongoing event – “Worldwide Simultaneous Shema ~ One Voice” to bring everyone together in prayer and thought for all the people of Israel and her valiant defenders.

Now, more than ever, Israel needs your prayers and support.

The Shema, found at Deuteronomy 6:4, is a universal declaration of the belief in one God. As we recite these simple, yet powerful words, we cover our eyes to focus on their meaning.

Shema Yisroel, Adonai Elohaynu, Adonai echad.
Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.

At Noon EDT – any day, every day, wherever you are – stop for a moment and pray for an end to the ‘conflict’ and the safety of Israel and all her defenders!


#IsraelUnderFire #IDF #IronDome #StandWithUs #StopHamas


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