What NOT To Do … Email Edition

November 7, 2014

We’ve all been there –

  • sent an email, but forgot the attachment
  • allowed ‘autocomplete’ to choose the wrong recipient
  • used ‘Reply All’ for no good reason
  • forgot to use spellcheck

However, this is a prime example of ‘what NOT to do’ when composing and sending email:dphie

There is no reason E V E R to:

  1. use track changes in an email, or
  2. send a mass email before activating merge fields.

I’m mortified for the author and embarrassed for my sorority.  I won’t even mention the grammatical errors I’ve spotted …


In spite of it all, I’d actually consider applying for a position.

Sororally yours …
Pamela J.  Starr
University of Texas – Chi Chapter

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