Oof! A Monday of Mondays

April 19, 2016

That’s the edge of mom’s back patio, not a pool deck!

April 18, 2016 was challenging. Houston was hit by storms of biblical proportions – again . My hometown has been declared a disaster area. It hasn’t even been a year since the ‘2015 Memorial Day Flood’.

Mom’s home flooded last year – a first in the 50ish years my family has owned the house … a first for so many homes and businesses in southwest Houston. My hometown is still reeling from the after effects of that storm. Today, the water came this close to coming into mom’s home. Many friends haven’t been as lucky and the rains are set to come back again.

And I’m #HelplessInAtlanta following posts as the waters rise and recede. I keep scrolling through FB posts – a devastating earthquake in Ecuador and some <insert expletives in several languages> sstandwithisraelorry excuses for humanity bombed an Egged bus in Jerusalem. #IStandWithIsrael

2 Responses to “Oof! A Monday of Mondays”

  1. Renee

    Pamela, is everything alright? I know you were anxious about the flood and your mom and friends here in TX… please keep in touch and let me know you are all alright!! I miss you in class but I also understand your life was about to hit the epicenter of chaos this week. God bless you, Pamela!

  2. admin

    I can’t believe how many legitimate replies were buried among all the SPAM – my apologies for taking so long to respond. B”H, mom is well; I’m well; and I managed to graduate on May 13! How are you? I hope you’ll keep in touch!