Holidays in the Time of COVID

March 27, 2020

As Passover, Easter, and other observances steadily approach — in the midst of a worldwide epidemic — you can almost hear the collective thought: “The journey has just begun.”

Shutdowns, lockdowns, and #StayHomeSaveLives add new dimensions to Pesach preparations. Jewish families are adapting – working from home and home schooling, and foraging for toilet paper, disinfectants, and food (Passover and every day) while steeling themselves for the first halachically approved e-Seders.

Shabbas table and candlesticks

We joke about the irony of the plague that cancelled Pesach. We tell ourselves it’s all a build up to celebrating and re-enacting our freedom from spiritual and material bondage. We lament being separated from family and friends. And we weep for those struck down by this horrible disease.

In this time of uncertainty, we all need to renew, refresh, and recharge. When lighting Shabbas candles this week, focus your thoughts and prayers on the health, healing and wellness of the countless people impacted by the pandemic. May the light of our Shabbas candles protect and bless us with health, peace, unity and redemption and pray for a #RefuahShleimahHaOlam.

(inspired by @FridayLight)

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