It’s 2018 – Let’s Get Back to Work!

January 8, 2018

Happy New Year from StarrParalegals! We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season.

Yes, we’re a week into 2018 –  time to clear all that drudge work off your desk and get crackin’.

StarrParalegals is ready for new challenges. Bring it on!

  • E-filing, anywhere and everywhere
  • Bankruptcy Petition Preparation – from intake to filing – ALL chapters
  • Bankruptcy Motion Support (draft, file, serve)
    • Motions for Relief
    • Proofs of Claim
    • Notices of 4001 Examination
    • Proposed Orders
    • Fee Applications
    • and more . . .
  • Adversary Proceedings & Preference Actions (draft, file, serve)
    • Complaints/Answers
    • Case Management
  • UCC Filing, Search & Retrieval, Summarize Priority/Status
  • Litigation Support
    • Draft Pleadings
    • Document Review
    • Deposition Summaries
    • Prepare & Serve Subpoenas
    • Discovery Requests/Responses
    • Legal Research / Memoranda
  • Immigration Support

StarrParalegals is here to make your billable hour worth every penny. Tell us what you NEED. We’re quick studies and welcome the opportunity to increase our skill sets. If we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to someone that can.

Here’s to 2018 – a year of abundance and success for everyone!

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Not Everything Your Read on Facebook is True

July 5, 2016

Reality check …

myth factEven if there were ANY truth to the recurring rumors (that’s right myths, BS, blatant nonsense) about Facebook  ‘going public’ or ‘charging for access’, or my all time favorite, that social media users have some right to protection under UCC-anything, do you honestly believe Facebook would be monitoring your pages for posts in which you attempt to invoke rights that you signed away as soon as you created your Facebook account???

Want to know more? Read my posts from November 2012:

Buy a clue people!!!

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Copyright, the Berne Convention & Social Media

November 26, 2012

As I completed my most recent post on the misuse of UCC-1 308 as a means to protect one’s privacy with regard to social media, I found that the previous BS had been supplanted by the addition of a copyright warning purporting to be ‘pursuant to the terms of the Berne Convention.’

C’mon people … even the simplest among us should be able to Google or Bing or SOMETHING to determine the veracity of information before succumbing to the sheeple-mind and mindlessly re-posting.

See my post on UCC-1 308 about privacy and then read the following about copyright … yes, I am something of an expert on the issue. With the assistance of Mitchell Goldstein, I successfully protected my intellectual property and copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA against four (4) different entities. (I’ll post those stories another day…)

Let me break this down for you … (more…)

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Social Media & UCC 1-308 ‘Privacy Notice’

November 26, 2012

It’s one of those myths that just won’t go away – this nonsense that UCC-1 308 somehow can protect one’s privacy or copyright with regard to Facebook postings and other forms of social media.

When you create an account with Facebook, you have to agree to their terms and conditions which includes Facebook’s privacy terms. The implication that Facebook users can make up their own privacy conditions merely by posting a message on their profile is ridiculous.

Enough already …

Posting a ‘Notice Pursuant to UCC 1-308’ to ‘place Facebook, et al. on notice about your privacy rights’ does nothing more than take up real estate on your Facebook wall. The UCC deals with COMMERCIAL law (um, Uniform COMMERCIAL Code), it has bugger-all to do with social media.


End of Conversation.

Uniform Commercial Code: (more…)

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